Buffering of PCS1.Cxxx RTC

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The buffering of the RTC of the PCS1.Cxxx can be turned on and off by the means of an FBox of the standard library (Clock on Supercap, subgroup special).

This mechanism has been introduced to increase the buffer time of the ressources on applications that do not require an RTC.

To make sure that the buffering of the RTC is on or off as desired, the mentioned FBox must be placed in the user program.

Problem found with the FBoxes of PG5 until version 1.3.120:

The Clock on Supercap FBoxes of the versions

< $2.3.142 for PG5 1.2 and

< $2.4.121 for PG5 1.3

of the standard FBox library contain an error: even when the FBox is used as foreseen, the state of the buffering is not always turned on or off as desired. This can have two negative effects:

-          if the buffering should be turned on but isn’t, the time is lost at each power down

-          if the buffering should be turned off but isn’t, the buffer time for the ressources is much shorter than specified

Corrective action:

The standard FBox library has to be updated to version

$2.3.142 or later for PG5 1.2 and

$2.4.121 or later for PG5 1.3

(refer to the attached files)

For PG5 1.0 and 1.1 no update is available, we recommend to update to PG5 1.3.

After the update of the standard library, the application has to be rebuilt and downloaded.



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