Configuring your preferred editor as Add-On Tool of SFB

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The FBox Builder offers the possibility to define Add-On tools for editing specific files. This mechanism can be very helpful in projects where e.g. "Include Files" are used or for writing the code in another editor than the built-in IL editor.


Usage of an editor as Add On tool
If an editor is defined as Add On tool and assigned to the extension your included does have, this editor is automatically launched on double click of the include file. If the extension *.src is assigned to the editor, the content of the source tab in the FBox Builder can directly be exported from its context menu (right mouse click). In this case, the FBox Builder detects a store operation of the exported file, it asks for reloading the content of the file.
Since the include files most likely do contain IL Code, it is recommended to use SEdit (that supports the IL syntax highlighting and "knows" the IL Online Help). 


For the configuration of an Add On Tool, select the function "Configure..." from the menu "Tools":

Earlier version of the FBox Builder didn't offer the possibility to edit the source code in an Add On tool.



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