Do not use '<' and '>' in HMI menus or objects!

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Angle brackets '<' and '>' used in HMI texts may cause assembler errors and should therefore not be used in menus and objects.


Angle brackets '<' and '>' within texts have a special meaning as control characters for the assembler. So if angle brackets are used in HMI menu or object strings, this may cause different assembler errors, e.g.:

Error 88: hmi-test.hsr: Line 230: Unexpected closing bracket '>'
Error 42: hmi-test.hsr: Line 230: Symbol not defined: _SHMI._SD.Max
Error 100: hmi-test.hsr: Line 57: Illegal use of reserved word: Test

If such an error message is displayed during assembly, the menu and object strings within the HMI Editor should be checked for angle brackets.

To quickly find the text containing angle brackets, the referenced .hsr file can be opened with a text editor. The regarding text is located at the line number given by the error message. Please note, however, that the text must be edited within the HMI Editor, because the .hsr file is automatically re-generated when compiling in HMI editor!



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