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test SBUS station / CPU

don't load a programm in the wrong Sbus station or CPU

Test CPU / Station


Did you already download a program in the wrong S-Bus station?  Or in the wrong CPU (PCD4 and PCD6) ? Such mistake can have dramatic consequences if the plant is in operation. How to ensure, that a program is not downloaded in the wrong station and CPU ? The solution is simple and I would strongly recommend to do it in every project. In a IL file, put the directives '$station and $cpu. Example:
$station 12
$cpu 0
If you attempt to download the program in another station, or another CPU, the downloader will issue a warning and let you decide to abort or continue. In PG5, the S-Bus address check is automaticaly done but onyl if you are using S-Bus protocol (not with the PGU protocol).




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