Error message: Wrong library version: xxxxx Must be xxxxx or higher

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During the the build of the project, PG5 checks whether the HMI library is up to date with the version of the HMI with which the HMI project was created. If this is not the case, the build will be aborted with the message below.


The (red marked) message
Fatal Error: HMI: Wrong library version: 12130. Must be 13042 or higher
is listed in the PG5 message window and the build fails (the version numbers may have different values, depending on the versions installed on your PC)

As mentioned above, the library version used for this build is not up to date with the HMI Editor. A common reason for this is that "Override libraries" (libraries that aren't stored in the defaul directory of the PG5 installation).

Have a look at the Software settings of your CPU. Make sure that the checkbox "Use library override directories" in the tab "Directories" is not checked! 



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