Using an external modem on the port 0 of the PCS1 (for SMS)

FAQ #100322

Originally it wasn't foreseen to connect an external modem to the port 0 of the PCS1. However, in special cases it might be useful having the possibility of sending SMS messages with an external modem.



Since the port 0 of the PCS is used as PGU port and as internal modem port, some special settings are to be made in order to use the D-Sub connector for dealing with a modem.

  • Switching the port 0 statically to the D-Sub connector (see FAQ 100128)

  • In the Modem 14 FBox, the parameter for the handshaking is to be set to "PGU Reduced"

  • In the Modem 14 FBox the standby mode is to be set to "Off" (because no online connection is possible, see below)

  • The DSR signal of the modem must not be connected to the D-Sub connector

  • Required FW is 0A1 or higher

Important note
Due to the fact that the DSR signal (pin 6 of the D-Sub connector) is used as indicator for a PGU connection, this signal can't be used for the communication between the PCS and the external modem. This implies that no online connection may be established with the external modem (an online connection requires full RS232 handshaking, including DSR and DCD (not present on the D-Sub). If an online connection is required, an internal modem is to be used!




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