Use of PG5 FBoxes in PG4

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Few of the PG5 FBox libraries are PG4 compatible.

Have you already used the PG5 ? If yes, you have probably found a lot of useful new Fboxes like

  • Read system information

  • System self test

  • Install and execute XOB's

  • Measure and survey cycle time

You can use some of those FBoxes in PG4! But note that many of the new FBoxes won't work in PG4 due to different issues (licensing procedure, use of new instructions, encrypting procedure (which wasn't supported by PG4) and dependence of symbols provided by PG5 but not PG4).

The support of PG5 FBoxes in PG4 is not guaranteed and no effort will be undertaken in order to improve the support of them (which wouldn't really make sense, anyway; full support can not be accomplished).


In order to use PG5 FBoxes in PG4 you can try to copy the content of the PG5\Libs\Std folder in the PG4\FBox folder.
Don't forget that you must have the same FBox sources present in this folder on every PC on which you work with these (copied) FBoxes!


However, in case you already work with PG5 you definitley benefit more if you import your PG4 projects into PG5 instead of using some PG5 FBoxes in PG4. 


PG5 1.x

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