S-Bus network with disconnected stations

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In a S-Bus network, programmed with FUPLA, when a slave station is disconnected or powered off, the communication can be very slow.


all requests to the disconnected stations will cause a dead time in the polling cycle.
This dead-time is at least equal to 3 times the timeout for each request. When programmed with Fupla, each SND/RCV Fbox send one request. The dead times are specially long with low baudrate and over Modems. How to avoid this dead-time ? There a useful but often unknown function in Fupla. It's the Station Fbox. You need to place one of this Fbox for each Slave station. A disconnected or powered off station will automatically be disabled after a failing request and further dead times are avoided. The station is automatically reconnected after an adjustable delay.

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