Where to define sub-macros (macros called within FBox macros)?

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There are two ways for creating sub-macros for your FBox. They can be defined directly in the FBox Builder (in the Macro tab of the Library Manager) or in a file that will be included to the library.


Defining sub macros in the FBox Builder
Since nested macro definitions are not allowed, thery are written at the beginning the *.lib file of the according family. The sub macros of the families are managed in the Library manager (select the macro tab). 


Defining sub macros in an extra file
Macros to be called from within FBox macros or can also be defined in extra files. These files must be included at the beginning of the *.lib file and have to be included to the FBox library. The easyest way to do this is adding this file to the "Install Files" folder of the "Info window". The "Info Window" can be opened from the context menu of the "Library Manager" --> "Advanced".
There is also a folder with "Include Files". The difference between the "Install Files" folder and the "Include Files" folder is the behaviour of the FBox installer.

  • "Install Files" will always be copied into the target FBox directory of PG5.

  • "Include Files" will only be copied if there is not already a file with the same name.


Only FBox Builder with versions higher than do have an additional, library-wide macro tab in which the sub macros can be introduced directly (without the use of the "Include Files").
Only FBox Builder with version higher than  1.4.100 do have the "Install Files" folder.



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