Modify auto answer mode on PCD2.T813!

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If you want that the PCD2.T813 ring 5 times before it answers the init string has to be modified in the hardware setting and in the Modmbase.dat also if the modem library is used.



In the HW setting modify the INIT string so:

AT&F1%C0&K0\\N0S25=100S0=5\r    (5 replace 2)

In the Modmbase.dat file (C:\Program Files\SAIA-Burgess\PG5 1_2\Libs\App\modmbase.dat) do the same modification for T813:

$elseif _MODMTYPE=201
;;[Test 1] T813 model 144
TEXT _MODMREST  "ATZ<CR>"       ;;reset string
TEXT _MODMINIT  ""              ;;initialisation string
  "AT&F1%C0&K0S25=100S91=9<CR>" ;;
TEXT _MODMINIT1 ""  ;;Optional Init string 1
TEXT _MODMINIT2 ""  ;;Optional Init string 2
TEXT _MODMINIT3 ""  ;;Optional Init string 3
TEXT _MODMINIT4 ""  ;;Optional Init string 4
TEXT _MODMINIT5 ""  ;;Optional Init string 5
TEXT _MODMPREF  "ATDT"          ;;dial prefix
TEXT _MODMSUFF  "<CR>"          ;;dial suffix
TEXT _MODMSUFS "<CR>"  ;;dial suffix for phone call
TEXT _MODMINIP ""  ;;Init for phone call
TEXT _MODMHGUP  "ATH<CR>"       ;;hang up commande
TEXT _MODMCMND  "+++"           ;;command string
TEXT _MODMAUTO  "ATS0=5<CR>"    ;;auto-answer mode (5 replace 2)

Of course the modem type modified in the modmbase.dat is to be selected in the modem driver FBox ( for this example the modem type "Test 1")

Note: It isn't possible to let the modem PCD2.T813 ring more than 5 times, 5 is the maximum value!
The reason for this restriction is the standard TBR21 valid for all european countries.



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