Where from can I get an antenna for my GSM terminal?

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The PCS1 with GSM option and the Q.G736-AS2 are delivered without antenna for the GSM terminal. The antenna is not delivered because the selection of the antenna type it is very much depending on the application/site where it is used.


Whom to consult?
We recommend consulting a specialist for antennas in order to choose the best antanna for your application.
Since most antenna providers do not have branches in the same countries as Saia-Burgess Controls AG, it is not possible to refer to the same antenna distributor worldwide.
Attached below there is a link for swiss customers. If you can't find an appropriate distributor for your country, please contact your local Saia-Burgess Controls AG representative.


What about the antenna PCD7.K830?
You can also find an antenna for the GSM modem in the SBC price list. This is a "table-antenna" with a magnetic foot ideal for tests in the office bot not necessarily suitable for the use in an application.

Technical data of this antenna

frequenzy range

824 – 960 MHz, 1,8 GHz/1,9 GHz
5 dB
Cable type
Cable length
3,5 m
Connector type
50 Ohm
Diameter foot 7,7 cm,  total hight 36,0 cm
350 g



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