Why is my Modem "blacklisted"?

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There is a security function that causes a modem to be "blacklisted". This happens after twelve call attempts in a row weren't successful.

Once a modem is "blacklisted" no further calls may be initiated until the blacklist is reset by a power down/power up.


The blacklist function is a limitation of unanswered calls, and the message BLACKLISTED is sent by the modem after the thirteenth call without any success (none of these calls was answered). After this further calls to any number are suppressed as long as the blacklist is not cleared.

Since disabling the blacklist function isn't allowed by law (unless the modem is used a privat network), the blacklisting feature can not be disabled on the currently distributed modems (PCD2.T814, PCD2.T851, Q.M716-KS1, Q.T726-RS1 and Q.G736-AS2)



PCD2 / Txxx

PG5 2.0 / Modem

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