Problems when trying to import a *.gsd file into DP Network Configurator

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If the file dpdv.dat is read only, the Network Configurator will fail on the attempt to add a new Device to the device library. The error message "Error 214: Cannot crate file: C:\Program Files\SAIA-Burgess\PG5 1_2\DPDV.DAT" will be shown.


There is also the second message : "Error 219: Cannot add device to the library".

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To resolve this problem, just uncheck the "read only" checkbox in the Properties window of the file dpdv.dat.

While removing the write protection make sure PG5 is closed! If it isn't, a program crash of the SNet32 (PG5 Network Configurator) could be the result. In some cases it even may happen that the file dpdv.dat will be destroyed!

In PG5 1.3 this problem is solved in the way that a message will tell the user that the file dpdv.dat is write protected. Also the Network Configurator won't crash any more.



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