How to organise the used FBs best?

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A program that handles H-modules does most likely include FBs (that are provided together with the PG5 Contols Suite). If a project was created with an older version of the programming tool, also the FB's provided with the older programming software were used. This may cause problems because of incompatibilities of the FB calls.


To get around of this problem it is recommended to copy the used FBs directly into the CPU directory of the concerned project. This way the use of the correct FB version is guaranteed.


If in a file the directive "$INCLUDE filename.ext" is recognised, PG5 will first search in the CPU directory itself and if the specified file isn't present there, the default FB directory will be searched.
The default FB directory (PG5 wide) is defined in the "Directories" of the "Options..." in the PG5 Project Manager menu "Tools".
A further way of specifying the FB directory (CPU wide) is using the "Directories" tab of the CPU Settings (requires the checkbox "Use Override Libraries" to be checked). In this case, the PG5 wide directory specification doesn't take effect any more.

However, since the Override Libraries might have to be adjusted if the project is transfered to anoder PC (eg. a Laptop) or the whole FB's provided by a newer version of PG5 has to be downgraded if a project is imported to a newer PG5 version, the it is the easyest and most secure way if the FB's are always directly stored in the project itself.



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