Do I need a special SIM card for a PGU connection over a GSM terminal?

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Yes, in order to establish a PGU (or S-Bus) connection to a PCD (or PCS) over a GSM terminal the SIM card must support the "data service".



In contrast of the Send/Receive SMS functionality (wich is supported by a "normal" SIM card) the establishing of of a PGU connection does require a "data connection".
This means that the SIM card must support the "data service". This feature has to be ordered separately from the provider. Usually the provider will give you an additional number especially for data connections.

Note that the data service is not the same as the possibility to establish a WAP connection with the SIM card.

It is also important to know that not all providers do offer such a data service (and some do only for some contracts). 

At the moment in Switzerland it is not possible to get a prepayed SIM card with data service supported from Swisscom (but orange does offer such a prepayed data service).




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