Error on uninstallation of PG5

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On some PC's an error occures while uninstalling PG5. The error message is the following:

"Error 1905.Module C:\Program Files\SAIA-Burgess\PG5 1_3\SpromSvr.dll failed to unregister. HRESULT . Contact your support personnel."



This PG5 Error is to be ignored and will not cause any further problems or malbehavior of the system.

The message is provoked by the MSI (Microsoft Installer) and is caused by a missing entry in the registry for the SpromSvr.dll. Because this entry doesn't exist, it isn't possible to delete it.

Since the entry isn't existent no further actions have to be performed. The message may be accepted by clicking "OK". The uninstallation will continue and no further problems are to be expected.



PG5 1.x

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