How many MPI-connections can be handled by a XX7?

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Each XX7 can handle at least 16 MPI-connections. These connections can be used indifferently on any port, to go online, to set time, to download, for X_SFC’s, for terminal connection over different protocols, etc. Furthermore not more than 4 of these connections can be used for asynchronous jobs (VAT tables and status view).
Remember that also a MPI-conection via serial- or DP-Port use these ressources.


Depending the CPU type there can be even more connections be used:

On the PCD2.M487, as well as on CPU's of type PCD3.Mxxx7, there are 32 simultaneous connections possible, with the addition of 9 connections to accept connection requests from partners. These 9 connections are always open as soon as the dedicated port is configured (TCPIP, USB, FDL, F750, serial).


The number of open MPI-connections has a direct influence to the cycle time of the CPU!


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