Download of the wrong FW to a PCD3 possible

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Use caution when downloading FW to a PCD3.Mxxxx controller because it is possible downloading a wrong FW (e.g. the one for the PCD2.M480).

Once the wrong FW is downloaded follow this procedure for downloading the correct FW:


Once a FW which is written for the PCD2.M480 is downloaded into a PCD3, there is only one way to get the PCD running again:

The FW of the PCD3.Mxxxx can be updated via serial line port 0 in PGU mode.


Before starting the FW update the FW must be set in the Loaderstate:


  1. PLC power on
  2. Switch the RUN/STOP switch two times up and down while RUN LED is blinking. Then download the FW via PGU cable (PCD8.K111) in PGU mode.



After the completion of a FW download, shown by the FW downloader taskbar, the code is then copied from the RAM to the FLASH. During this procedure, which takes about 30 sec, the RUN, HALT and ERROR LED’s blink in a certain sequence.




In case the wrong FW was downloaded to a PCD3.M3xxx it isn't possible swiching the PCD into the Loaderstate due to a missing switch. Please conctact your SBC representative for further instructions.


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