How to get rid of the message "Parameter not used in Macro..."?

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If a parameter (typically "Vers" or "Name") is not used by the macro of an FBox PG5 (SAsm) will list a message like "Warning 2: Parameter "Name" not used in macro "_ABCD"". There is a way to get around this message:


PG5 (SAsm) will recognise if macro Parameters aren't used while the build of Fupla files. The following message in the message window will indicate such a parameter which isn't used:

Warning 2: C:\Program Files\SAIA-Burgess\PG5 1_3\Libs\Usr\ABCD.lib: Line 73: Parameter "Name" not used in macro "_ABCD"

The following code may be inserted into the Fbox macro in order to avoid the above mentioned messages:

$IFNB <Name>                        ; since the Name isn't used in
; this FBox this trick is applied to get rid of the messages "Parameter not used.."

The directive $IFNB <Parameter> will check whether the parameter contains any value. $IFNB stands for "IF Not Blank".



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