Why does my Web Editor project not work correctly on the PCD?

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The reason could be *.teq file confusion. If the *.teq files from the "web" folder of the PG5 project are copied into the "html" folder by the user, the Web Editor project won't work correctly. This FAQ entry explains why...


As mentioned the identically named *.teq files of the html and the web folder aren't identical. The difference is to be explained by the replacement of symbol names (present in the version of the "web" folder) by "short symbol names" that are present in the *.teq files of the "html" folder. This substitution is done in order to reduce the name lenght and therefore avoiding too long symbol names in the downloaded project.


The substitution of the names is proceeded when saving the files into the Web Editor. At this moment the files of the folder "web" are copied into "html" and additionally the names of the *.teq files are replaced while this copy process.

Symptoms indicating *.teq file confusion:

  • If you copy the *.teq files from the "web" directly into "html", you'll be able to build and download the file. The problem will be that the symbols won't be displayed correctly and you won't be able to modify any PCD medias since the link between the "short symbol names" and the PCD ressources is broken (due to missing short symbol names).
  • The "short name" of the symbols looks similar to "aaaaaabc". So in case you recognise such symbol names while working with the Web Editor, you most likely accidentaly copied a *.teq file from the "html" folder into the "web" folder.

How to avoid *.teq file confusion?

Just always start the Web Editor form PG5 and always store your files by using the "Save all" button on the Toolbar of the Web Editor.



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