Points to be considered for an import of HVC FBoxes into new FBoxes

FAQ #100239

Since the FBoxes of the HVC (HeaVaC) Library require the HVC-INIT FBox before they are compiled, the following points are to be considered.


Due to the fact that the HVC FBoxes require symbols defined in the HVC-INIT FBox, also HVC-derivated FBoxes or FBoxes created of a Fupla page export file containing FBoxes of the HVC Library need the HVC-INIT FBox placed before they are processed. Therfore the "original" HVC-INIT FBoxes may be placed before the new created FBox.

FBoxes with included HVC-INIT:
It is not recommended to include a HVC-INIT FBox into a new FBox containing HVC FBoxes since in this case the macros contained in the Init Fbox would be processed each time when the new FBox is placed and therfore cause problems of multidefined (and unused) symbols. Also if it would work a much bigger code and a waste of medias would result.

Creation of FBox containing HVC FBoxes (or macros):
Since the Fupla compiler is used for compiling the code of a new FBox during a build of an FBox, also the systax check of the Fupla compiler will be applied by default. This will cause errors and warnings since in the new FBox the HVC-Init FBox should be missing in the FBox to be created.
To avoid these problems the Syntax Checking has to be disabled. This is to be done in the "Options" window you find in the menu "View" of the FBox Builder. Select the Tab "Build", "on Build" and check the option "Disable Syntax Checking".



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