DTMF and SMS functions in dependence of the modem and telephone type

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With analogue, ISDN and GSM modems and telephones quite a lot of combinations are possible, but what functions are supported? The following table gives you the necessary information:



Telephone/Modem Type Supported Function
PCD side PC / Telephone side   DTMF PCD sends SMS / Pager Message PCD receives SMS PGU connection
Analogue Analogue   -
Analogue ISDN   (●)1) - (●)2)
Analogue GSM   - (●)3)
ISDN (T850) Analogue   - - -
ISDN (T850) ISDN   - -
ISDN (T850) GSM   - - (●)3)
GSM (TC 35) Analogue   -
GSM (TC 35) ISDN   -
GSM (TC 35) GSM   -


1) some ISDN telephones have to be put in DTMF mode when the connection is established

2) only if the ISDN modem supports analogue protocols (rather rare)

3) theoretically possible, but not tested



PCD2 / Txxx

PG5 2.0 / Modem

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