MPI-communication over serial RS 232 port

FAQ #100220

A MPI-communication can be done over a serial RS 232 port of each PCD2.Mxx7


Per default the MPI serial Port is on Port 1 (PCD2.M127/M157/M177) or on Port 0 (PGU M487). The only equipment you will need to realise a MPI connection is a serial interface PCD7.F120 and a cable:

D-Sub 9-pol                screw terminal port 1
        2  ------------------------------- 11
        3  ------------------------------- 12
        5  ------------------------------- 10
        7  ------------------------------- 14
        8  ------------------------------- 13

(for M487 on port 0 you will need a PGU cable PCD8.K111)

With the I/O-Builder you can configure each other RS 232-port as MPI-serial port.



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