Error Message 41; Multi-defined symbol after viewing/editing IL code

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In case you are using the EQU instruction for defining your symbol names and also have enabled the Symbol Editor, it might occur that there are symbols added to the Symbol Table without your intention.


In PG5 there is the option "Use Symbol Table" set by default. As further option the "Automatically add entered type/values to Symbol Table" is also enabled. This causes PG5 to enter e.g. an FB to the symbol table, also if it already is definde with the instruction EQU. During the build PG5 will detect a multidefined symbol and the following error message will appear in the message window:

Error 41: df.sy5: Line 3: Multi-defined symbol: testfb
Error 41: df.src: Line 1: Multi-defined symbol: testfb

To avoid this conflict the option "Automatically add entered type/values to Symbol Table" mentioned above should be disabled. This is to be done in the menu "Options..." of the menu "Tools" in the IL editor (SEdit).
It is sufficient to disable only this option, the Symbol Table still can be used without any further problems.



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