SASI error of S-BUS master IP FBox

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If a S-BUS master IP is placed in a fupla file you will absolutely need a second CPU in this project. Otherwise the FBox won't work due to a SASI error.



If ther is a S-BUS master-IP FBox in the program of  your CPU and no second CPU (equipped with an IP interface) is part of the project (or at least entered in the IP-table), the PCD will get a SASI error because the PCD can not communicate.
The reason for this behavior is the lack of any other known IP address except of the address of the CPU itself.

To avoid this problem in case you need to have only one single CPU per project the IP table of the partner station(s) have to be exported and then imported in the concerned CPU.
Note that this has to be done also vice versa in order to avoid the same error on the other stations.

For IL programmers: The same problem occurs with the IL instruction SASI in the mode IPM.



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