The LED of the SASI instruction or Send/Receive FBoxes in the fupla are always red

FAQ #100183

When you are using Fupla to read and write data from slaves, and you have communication problems, the LED's of the FBoxes and the status information in the SASI FBox are giving you important information.


Case 1: The LED of the SASI instruction is contiuously red

Common causes:

  • the port is configured as gateway master port, but the relevant option is not activated in the SASI FBox
  • the same but vice versa
  • the port is configured as S-Bus PGU Port
  • there is no communication module at the selected port (for instance PCD7.F110 missing)

Case 2: The LED of the SASI FBox is green, but some of the LED's of the Send/Receive FBoxes are red

Common causes:

  • the slave station is not present on the bus or does not reply in the expected time (timeouts, wrong baudrate, wrong S-Bus protocol). We recommend to place an S-Bus Station FBox per Slave. Like this the application does not try to reach the missing station each time and it is easy to detect the presence of the station
  • there are two kinds of receive FBoxes. Make sure you didn't take a receive multiple FBox without wanting. This type of FBox reads the same ressources from different stations that have S-Bus addresses in an order (for instance 2, 3 and 4), which is rather special
  • note that the LED's of the Send/Receive FBoxes are only updated if they are enabled


PG5 2.0 / Serial-S-Bus

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