Hardware Reset address of internal modems PCD2.T8xx and PCS1

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There is a "power down reset" that can be activated in the Modem 14 Driver FBox. This hardware reset will the modem power down and up again.



For PCD2.T813, PCD2.T813Z42, PCD2.T850 and internal analogue and ISDN modems only (GSM Modems do not support the hardware reset):

In order to reset an internal modem the hardware reset output of the "Modem 14" FBox can be used.

In the adjust window for the parameter "Hardware reset option" choose "always". Additionally the Hardware Reset Output "HwR" of the FBox has to be connected to the corresponding output address written in the right side of the Fupla window (output address field).

The hardware reset output of PCD controllers is (base address of the PCD2.T8xx) +3, in the PCS1 the hardware reset is available on O 99.


PCD2.M170 module base address = 16 hardware reset = O 19
PCD2.M120/150 module base address = 64 hardware reset = O 67
PCS1 hardware reset = O 99




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