Auto-allocation/dynamic space overflow for type...

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It may occur that a build fails because of a "dynamic space overflow for type ...". This message is created by PG5 due to a too small range of ressources that PG5 can distribute dynamically.


To increase the amount of ressources open the Software Settings Window (or double click on the red error message in the message window of PG5 Project manager) and select the concerned tab. A dynamic space overflow can occur for all media types like registers, flags, timers, counters etc.

Now increase the dynamic space by editing a smaller number as first address for Registers, Flags, Counters, Texts or DB's.
In case you run into a dynamic space overflow for Timers you have to increase the last timer in both fields, the "Last Timer" and "Dynamic Space, Timers, Last Address".

Example such an error message:

Fatal Error 368: Auto-allocation/dynamic space overflow for type: R




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