What is the difference between a PCD2.T813 and a PCD2.T813Z42 modem?

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During the year 2003 SBC has delivered PCD2.T813Z42 modems. This is also an analogue modem like the PCD2.T813. The differrence is that the PCD2.T813Z42 in fact is a 56k modem while the PCD2.T813 is a 33.6k modem.


In the hardware settings only the type PCD8.T813 is available. This selection also fits when using the PCD2.T813Z42.


For using the modems with the modem FBox library both types can be configured in the "Modem 14" FBox.
The main difference between the AT commands of the two types is the handling of the DTMF commands. Therfore it is important to select the correct type in the "Modem 14" FBox when using the DTMF driver FBox. 
In case the modem only is used for going online and DTMF isn't used, it doesn't make a difference which  modem is selected in the "Modem 14" FBox.



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