Error Message "Multi defined symbol" for no reason?

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It may occur that during a build the error message "Error 41: _Global.sy5: Line 147: Multi-defined symbol: Status22" causes a fail of the build. In case you are absolutely sure you don't have any multi defined symbols and if you do address your symbols with relative adresses, have a look at this FAQ.




If this problem shows up, double click on the error message in the messge window of PG5 Project Manager. The result is that the symbols will be shown in the symbol window of PG5 Project Manager.

Now have a look at the address field. In case the addresses of the red marked symbols (causing the errors) is relatively addressed, make sure that the relative address is a backward reference and not a forward reference. This means that the symbol that is the base address of the "problem causing" symbol must be listed before the relatively addressed symbol.
If this isnt the case, drag and drop the "base address"-symbol before the relatively addressed symbol, safe the global symbols and rebuild the project.

This problem is solved in PG5 1.3.



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