What are the main error sources when Profibus FMS is configured on xx7 series?

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There are a couple of points to take care. Please read the explanations mentioned below.


1. The "Save configuration data on the CPU" option of the "CP 443-5Basic" must be checked. Unfortunately not every selectable CP supports this option. Therefore a CP must be chosen (e.g. 6GK7 443-5FX01-0XE0 V3.1) that supports this option.


2. It is strongly recommend to use "Universal (DP/FMS)" Profile, which will adapt and set up all the bus parameter to work correctly with the selected speed. If this option is selected it will not be possible for the user to change any bus parameter.



3. You must not use CREF number = 1 which is not available on FMS module PCD7.F700.


4. Do not use the LSAP = 58 for "Master to Master" connections since this LSAP is normally reserved for "Master to Slave" connection.




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