Only one station of a S-Bus network has "good" communication

FAQ #100149

When reading values of several S-Bus stations of a network only one (normally the first one) has "good communication", the others aren't updated and the communication status is "bad communication".


Very likely this problem is caused by the checked (activated) option "Auto" in the online settings of the S-bus stations. If this chechbox is activated, the SCommDll (SBC S-Bus driver) is connecting to the first S-Bus station that it can reach on the selected channel. Therefore the first station is online as it should be.


After reading this station the OPC server, wants to swich to the next station. But the SCommDll again will connect to the first staton found on the network (this either is the gateway station or the station with the lowest address).

To solve that problem you just have to uncheck the "Auto" checkbox in the online settings of the concerned S-Bus stations.



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