My new hardware configuration for I/Os was not taken over by the xx7.

FAQ #100145

There are a couple of common causes for this case. Please take care of the points mentioned below.


There are basically three sources of errors:

  • After a change of the hardware configuration the PCD must change its state from "STOP" to "RUN" (Restart)

  • If the change was made manually directly in hardware-DB with LAD/STL/FBD-editor, remember that not the "Initial value" will be taken over after a restart of CPU but the "Actual value". Check this by using "Data view"-command in "View" menu of editor. 

  • The hardware-DB can have the number 1, 511 or 1023 and it is marked by the initial 4 bytes of type "CHAR" which must be "Mxx7". If more than one of these three DB's has this identification the DB with the lowest number is the representative one.


xx7 Series / Hardware configuration

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