Some PCD2.H31x aren't compatible with PCD2.M48x or PCD2.M170

FAQ #100126

The CPLD version < HQ4 of the PCD2.H31x (HW version ≥ B) is not compatible with the I/O bus of the PCD2.M170 and the PCD2.M480. The CPLD of the modules has to be updated in Murten in order to use the H31x module on a PCD2.M170 or a PCD2.M480.


To figure out what CPLD version is loaded on a PCD2.M31x module just have a look at the round sticker on the chip next to the blue I/O bus connector of the module.
In case the version is HQ1, HQ2 or HQ3 and the hardware version is B (-->print index D) or newer, you'll have to send the module to Murten for updating the H31x.

In case you don't want to use the module on a PCD mentioned above there is no need for a update of the CPLD.



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