Which serial communication protocols are supported on xx7 systems?

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Depending on PCD type, up to 8 interfaces are available. Which PCD supports how many interfaces and with which topology can be found on the support page.


Link to the communication overview page on the suppor site: 

Protocols supported free-of-charge by the operating system:

  • DK 3964 (R) / RK512
    can be found in Manual 26/794 (Serial communication) under:

  • Modbus ASCII or RTU (as well as Modbus TCP or UDP) 
    supported by the PCD3 and the PCD2.M5547 starting with firmware 1.10.17 (support of Modbus on PCD2.F2xx0 or PCD3.F2xx starting with 1.14.25).
    For more information please refer to the product page of the according system.

Additionally to the features directly implemented in the firmware, the following protocol implementation developped by our system partners are/were present (the following information could be outdated):



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