Can the xx7 operating system be updated (FW update)?

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Yes. With all xx7 series PCD2 controllers, the operating system can be updated via a serial port. PCD3 systems can be updated using the USB port.


PCD2.M1x7 require a PCD7.F120 interface module to do this. With the PCD2.M487, FW updates can take place directly across the PGU port. With the PCD1.M137, FW updates are only possible by changing the PROM. Further information about FW update procedures for whichever controller, and the cable required for connection to the PC's COM port, can be found under  Just click here on the PCD required, then go to the "Firmware" heading and download instructions and the latest operating system.



PCD2 / _Firmware xx7

xx7 Series / CPU and operating system

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