Can a PC/MPI adapter that does not come from Siemens (e.g. Helmholtz) be used for programming?

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Yes. In addition, all PCD2.Mxx7 controllers offer the possibility of programming via a serial port (RS 232). With the PCD2.M1x7, the MPI protocol is active by default at interface A in connection with the PCD7.F120 interface module. With the PCD2.M487, the MPI protocol is active by default at interface 0 (PGU). The default transmission speed here is 19.200 Baud, but can be increased to 38.400 Baud. The MPI protocol can also be switched over to other interfaces. This requires parameters to be set for a CDB (Configuration Data Block). Detailed information about the configuration data block is provided in Manual 26/797. This documentation can be downloaded under:



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