PCD2.H150 reads bad value after power up

FAQ #100046

When the PCD2 is switched off right after the function ‘Set Zero’ (FB

SetZero), the module PCD2.H150 reads bad value at the next power ON of

the PCD2. Why?


The FB ‘SetZero’ and the FB ‘Init’ are using the same internal register for offset position. When the function ‘SetZero’ is used, the actual position will be set to zero and its position will be copied into the register for offset position. Therefore, if the FB ‘SetZero’ is used, do not overwrite the register ‘Roffset_x’ in order to avoid non-valid position reading after a restart cold (e.g. restart with value of ‘Roffset_x’ right after the ‘SetZero’ function and not with 0 anymore).


See also description page A-4 in the PCD2.H150 manual.


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