H Module FB's of PG5 need directives $GROUP and $ENDGROUP

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To prevent dublicate symbol names all symbol names related to H Module FB's are merged to a group. As a result this group name has to be added to every FB related symbol. This either can be done by adding the group name directly (<groupname>.<symbolname>) or by using the directive set $GROUP <groupname>/ $ENDGROUP.


Between the directive set $GROUP / $ENDGROUP in front of every symbol  is added. 

In a graftec structure (SB) these directives have to be set before the first and after the last symbol defined in the *.equ file of the corresponding FB.

When modifying the user program, the $ENDGROUP can be by accident moved and is not set in the last step or transition anymore. As a result, symbols used after the $ENDGROUP are no longer recognised and the user program doesn't work any more.

How to solve this problem:

Take away the $ENDGROUP before any modification. Then after the modification, perform the command 'renumber' in GRAFTEC and set $ENDGROUP into the last step or transition .

Summary: The $Group has to be place in the IST (lowest number) and the $ENDGROUP in the last ST or TR (highest number)!



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