Which customers will not find their needs best served by Saia-Burgess Controls AG?

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System integrators without Saia PCD® experience who, for cost reasons, use the high performance/functionality of the Saia PCD® to replace a powerful Siemens controller (S7-400) in one-off projects to construct manufacturing systems. In particular, when there is an underlay of many other intelligent Siemens devices used, whose connections have not been designed exclusively on the basis of open standards. Explanation: We test and check very systematically and at great expense compatibility with such tools as Step®7 /Higraph/SCL, etc. However, we cannot and will not copy and debug the characteristics and behaviour of a powerful Siemens PLC as a system controller for Siemens "Total Integrated Automation“.



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The requested software / document is no longer marketed by Saia-Burgess Controls AG and without technical support. It is an older software version which can be operated only on certain now no longer commercially available products.