Output format 1:1 of temperature sensors

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What does the output format "1:1" in the FBoxes for temperature sensors (PT1000/NI1000) mean?


The temperature inputs of most of our modules do measure resistance in the range of about 500 Ω to 2.5 kΩ.  If the output format "1:1" is selected, this range is represented in the resolution of the module. Therfore you'll get a signal from 0 to 255 when using a module with 8 bits resolution. The maximum value of a 10 bit resolution module is 1023 and of a 12 bit resolution module it is 4095. 

Attention has to be payed when using an analogue FBox of the HVC library. There the output always will be scaled in the range of 0..4095, also if the module has a smaller resoultion.




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