Long time to show the display content properly

FAQ #100017

The structure of the displayed text isn't shown properly after changing ot an sub menu (or menu). It takes up to some seconds until the structure of the texts and values are "arranged" properly.


This phenomenon is caused by a bad communication due to missing handshaking lines (RTS/CTS or XON/XOFF).

To fix that problem and enhance the performance of the terminal either

  • use the hardware handshaking lines RTS/CTS (recommended)
  • or configure the HMI as well as the terminal to use the software handshaking XON/XOFF

Make sure both, the HMI settings and the settings of the terminal are set to the correct communication mode. In case communication settings of the PCD7.D230 are "locked", first use the "Set to default" option of the terminal and try again.  



PCD7 / D23x

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