Global symbols not added when adding Fupla or IL File to a CPU

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Global symbols of an added Fupla or IL file won't be imported automatically into the corresponding CPU. Also when importing a Fupla export file the globals won't be imported.


The global symbols (from file _Global.sy5) used in a program file won't be imported using the "Add File..." task of PG5. Only the local symbols of the concerned Fupla file are added (by importing the file <filename>.sy5).
It won't help to use the import/export Fupla pages functionality.</filename>

This isn't a bug since it is dangerous to add global symbols into a CPU automatically.

As workaround you either could 

  • export the globals from the source file to e.g. an excel file, delete the unused symbols in the excel sheet and import the symbols into the added file or
  • doubleclick all the global symbols in the added Fupla (will add the symbol to the symbol table). Consider the fact that there could be a symbol with the same name in your previously existing file! In this case the ressource would be accessed by different modules!
  • copy the whole source CPU and delete all unused files (and symbols).   


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