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Actual version

Saia PCD Supervisor 4.10 (version


This version 4.10 does include a complete installation package of the Saia PCD Supervisor

Saia PCD Supervisor version 4.10 is based on the Niagara 4.10 platform from Tridium

It’s possible to install the version 4.10 in parallel to the version 3.0 and earlier releases of the Saia PCD Supervisor on the PC.

You must select/create a different folder during the installation, when you are asked about the installation folder.

To use afterwards any previous version you have to take care which PlatformDeamon version is running.

One possibility would be to use different shortcuts like:

C:\SBC\SaiaPCDSupervisorV4_10\bin\plat.exe installdaemon

C:\SBC\SaiaPCDSupervisorV3_0\bin\plat.exe installdaemon


If you want to use only the latest version 4.10 on your PC, then it’s possible to uninstall the old version and afterwards install the version 4.10. Please copy station to new installation before unsinstall


Saia PCD Supervisor 4.10 will run on the following operating systems:

  • Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • Windows Server 2016 (64-bit)
  • Windows Server 2019 (64-bit)


New features/improvements

  • Easy Healthy Building Dashboard
  • Enhanced Virtual Graphics with Tag Based Visualization
  • Visualization performance (UxMedia)
  • Video Surveillance Viewer
  • Update 3rd party signing
  • HTML-5 Tag Manager
  • MQTT Updates 10


For further information please refer to the SRB below:

For Niagara 4.10 bug fixes refer to Tridium refer to the notes below: 


Saia PCD Supervisor Software Release Bulletin

Saia PCD Supervisor Software Release Bulletin

Brochure Saia PCD Supervisor Software Release Bulletin

Saia PCD Supervisor Software Release Bulletin .pdf 1.46 MB Download

Tridium release notes

Tridium release notes

History Document V 4.10 Tridium release notes

Release notes from Tridium for Niagara 4.10

V 4.10 .pdf 0.65 MB Download

The requested software / document is no longer marketed by Saia-Burgess Controls AG and without technical support. It is an older software version which can be operated only on certain now no longer commercially available products.