Friday, 01. April 2016 06:18 Age: 4 yrs

Market introduction of the new PCD2.M4160 and PCD2.M4560 control systems


  • - Flat housing design (same height and width as PCD1.M1xx, PCD1.M21x0 and PCD2.C1000) for space-saving applications
  • - Four slots for I/O modules, locally expandable to 1024 I/Os
  • - No battery required thanks to new FRAM technology. PCD media (R/F/C/DB/TXT) are now stored in a non-volatile manner without a battery.
  • - Up to 14 communication interfaces
  • - Sufficient CPU power for demanding tasks

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The requested software / document is no longer marketed by Saia-Burgess Controls AG and without technical support. It is an older software version which can be operated only on certain now no longer commercially available products.