Saia PCD® Classic programming introduction

All Saia PCD® Classic controllers are to be programmed by the use of the Saia PG5® Controls Suite.
The demonstration version (runtime 90 days) of this software packet is available for the download in the folder Browse by Product code/pcd8/pxxx/PCD8P5.
On this page you will find short descriptions and screenshots of the different programming Editors of PG5.
For further references for "Newcomers" to the Saia PCD® programming philosophies please also refer to the programming references page.

PG5 Project Manager

The PG5 Project Manager is the main part of the PG5 Controls Suite. To organize a project and all its corresponding CPUs, configurations, documentation and program files the PG5 Project Manager (SPM) is used. This is the main tool of the PG5 Controls Suite and is also used to build and download the PCD application. Most programs that are part of the PG5 Controls Suite package (listed below) are to be called by the PG5 Project manager.

Main program editors

In order to generate programs as efficient as possible PG5 does contain several programming editors and network configurators. Depending on the requirements of the user the code to be downloaded and run on a Classic PCD can be generated and edited on different ways having different advantages. With exception of the FBox Builder all editors listed below are called by the PG5 Project Manager.

  • Fupla programming


    Graftec programming

    Instruction List programming


    HMI Editor

    Web Builder

    Web Editor

    FBox Builder

    S-Net configurator

    Profibus DP configurator

    S-RIO configurator

    Profibus FMS configurator

    LON configurator

  • Graphical programming that helps saving time through predefined FBoxes for specific code (e.g. reading analogue values, controlling room temperatures or modem communication )

    Graphical programming method for defining sequential 'state-driven' processes.

    A non-graphical programming environment where the user writes programs with the help of the powerful PCD instruction set.

    Tool to create HMI interface for unintelligent terminals such as PCD7.D23x

    Converts any web pages into compilable code for that it can be downloaded to a PCD

    Tool for the creation of web pages without any HTML knowledge

    Tool for compress Fupla program pages to FBoxes

    Configurator for S-I/O networks (containing Profi-S-Bus RIOs)

    Used for configuring Profibus DP networks

    Tool for configuring Serial-S-Bus RIO networks

    Used for configuring Profibus FMS networks

    Used for bind PCDs into LON networks



The requested software / document is no longer marketed by Saia-Burgess Controls AG and without technical support. It is an older software version which can be operated only on certain now no longer commercially available products.