Actual version

Saia PCD Supervisor 3.0 (version


This version 3.0 does include a complete installation package of the Saia PCD Supervisor

Saia PCD Supervisor version 3.0 is based on the Niagara 4.9 platform from Tridium

It’s possible to install the version 3.0 in parallel to the version 2.1 and earlier releases of the Saia PCD Supervisor on the PC.

You must select/create a different folder during the installation, when you are asked about the installation folder.

To use afterwards any previous version you have to take care which PlatformDeamon version is running.

One possibility would be to use different shortcuts like:

C:\SBC\SaiaPCDSupervisorV2_1\bin\plat.exe installdaemon

C:\SBC\SaiaPCDSupervisorV3_0\bin\plat.exe installdaemon


If you want to use only the latest version 3.0 on your PC, then it’s possible to uninstall the old version and afterwards install the version 3.0. Please copy station to new installation before unsinstall


Saia PCD Supervisor 3.0 will run on the following operating systems:

  • Windows 10 (64-bit)
  • Windows Server 2016 (64-bit)
  • Windows Server 2019 (64-bit)


New features/improvements

  • Easy Binding for creation and application of own graphic libraries, via drag & drop of data points
  • Easy Binding Palette with new SBC 2D graphics
  • Easy Templating with new simplified user interface
  • Easy Database Manager for license point calculation and deletion of unused data points
  • Alarm Console update also shows gone and confirmed alarms in the list
  • Axis camera driver extension
  • Security Dashboard
  • Update of the station / project template


Bug fixes

  • Easy Templating side bar now offers an import and export function
  • ET: New Easy Template step 5: Not possible to create sub_sub_folders
  • Search option has to be provided to find template in easy template side bar
  • ET - Template Creation Wizard - Preselection filter during placing templates needed
  • ET: Support of History in popup binding
  • ET: Partial matches -> Warnings empty and sometimes missing at all
  • ET: few of the strings are not lexiconzied
  • EDM is not filtering point if point used in tag based graphics (Px page)
  • EDM - Include history import is missing in page 2 and the same is appeared in page 3 and it is not filtering the point (Hon bacnet utility will support linked log location feature)
  • EDM: Change EDM step2 summary
  • Easy database manager discovery is failing with error
  • EasyTemplating Bacnet: Requirements for customizable popups (bits for array’s)
  • ET: Unexpected behaviour when the template is used on px files present in Edge controller
  • HonBacnetUtils - SBC:Make PointLog View to appear only if the point is able to parse the history ORD
  • Point log view and linked log location slot is adding before discovering corresponding trend log objects
  • Unit is missing in present value property of hon data point view (UX)
  • Alarm tab is not appearing in hon data point view (UX) until refresh the screen, loop object hon data point view (UX) is not aligned properly and auto /manual radio button are disappeared
  • If user do manual to auto from controller then hon data point view (UX) auto flag is not updated and also priority -8 slot is not relinquished in ax property sheet due to that out slot shows overridden at 8


Known restrictions

  • PLV: Trend icons does not appear for not properitery points with history extensions
  • E-Signature does not support HonBACnet Utilities data points. Workaround bring BACnet porperties as BACnet points (not virtuals) into HonBACnet network
  • Old PCD CPUs like PCS1, PCD1.M1, PCD2.M1 cannot be connected via Ether-S-Bus, but via Gateway
  • MaxPro driver currently does not support HTML5 web browser output (Please consider Milestone or Axis driver for these kinds of projects)


For Niagara 4.9 bug fixes refer to Tridium refer to the notes below: 


Tridium release notes

Tridium release notes

History Document V 3.0 Tridium release notes

Release notes from Tridium for Niagara 4.9

V 4.9 .pdf 0.58 MB Download

The requested software / document is no longer marketed by Saia-Burgess Controls AG and without technical support. It is an older software version which can be operated only on certain now no longer commercially available products.