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System Catalogue : PCD3

Extract PP26-215_A0120 System Catalogue : PCD3

Automation Stations - PCD3

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PCD3 Hardware

Manual 26-789 PCD3 Hardware

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Manual 27-600 IO-Modules

I/O modules for the series PCD1 | PCD2 and PCD3

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Systemcable and adapter

Manual 26-792 Systemcable and adapter

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Z02, Z12, Z15, Z25 & Z29

Internal Info Z02, Z12, Z15, Z25 & Z29

Internal documentation about the special versions Z02, Z12, Z15, Z25 and Z29 mentioned in some technical informations

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PCD3 / Wxxx

  • Why do the 0 to 10 V analog outputs of the PCD3.W800 cards 'freeze' to a random value during operation and cannot be controlled by the user program? (FAQ #102028)
  • Why do the output of the PCD2/3.W6x5 not deliver stable signals? (FAQ #102014)
  • How to read the diagnostic information of a PCD3.W745 on a PCD3.T760? (FAQ #101697)
  • Why are analogue entries of the PCD3.W745 displayed incorrectly when using the memory mapping? (FAQ #101672)
  • What is the signification of the I/O words of a PCD2/3.W525 module? (FAQ #101552)
  • Why do I get wrong values when reading a PCD2/3.W340 with media mapping? (FAQ #101416)
  • What exactly is a PCD2/3.W721 and can I order it? (FAQ #101247)
  • Why do the outputs of PCD2/3.W525 not work? (FAQ #101204)
  • Replacement possibilities for PCD2.W5x0 and PCD3.W5x0 modules (FAQ #101151)
  • PCD3.W800: how to detect if an output channel is in forced state (FAQ #101063)
  • Which module to use for Pt100 / Ni100 measurements? (FAQ #101032)
  • Can PCD2/3.W3x5 module measure "overrange values"? (FAQ #100955)
  • On the Profibus-DP or Profi-S-I/O master it isn't possible to read or write registers with address > 4095 from the slave (FAQ #100927)
  • Connecting "special" temperature sensors to analogue modules. (FAQ #100926)
  • Why is the range of analogue (current-) input modules specified as 0(4)..20 mA? (FAQ #100675)
  • Analogue modules read wrong values while beeing online with PG5 (FAQ #100631)
  • How to connect two-wire current converters? (FAQ #100623)
  • Shall the terminal 16 of the PCD2/3.W745 be connected to ground? (FAQ #100604)
  • How to configure the PCD3.W800 and A810 on an RIO Module PCD3.T760? (FAQ #100570)
  • Are the modules PCD3.W800, PCD3.A810 and PCD3.A860 supported by the PCD3.T760? (FAQ #100504)
  • What is the reason for the error "underflow" of the PCDx.W745? (FAQ #100499)
  • Frozen PCD2/3.W3x5 and PCD2/3.W6x5 modules (FAQ #100475)
  • Negative values from PCD3.T760 are not interpreted correctly on the PCD (FAQ #100466)
  • Sampling time of PCD2/3.W6x5 modules (FAQ #100395)
  • How to configure a PCD3.W745 on a PCD3.T760? (FAQ #100214)
  • Why do PCD3.Wxxx input modules placed on an extension modules PCD3.Cxxx not work properly? (FAQ #100054)

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