Product Index PCD3 Mxxx: CPUs M6893 CPU; cybersecure and high-level language programmable

  • PCD3.M6893

  • PCD3 Power-CPU; high-level language programming with IEC 61131-3 and cyber secure

The Saia PCD3.M6893 provides both cybersecurity and high-level language programming, and is compatible with PCD3 I/O.

Its operating system, which includes all application and communication programmes, is signed and encrypted, allowing operators to prevent unauthorised access to the process-control system.

The PCD3.M6893 is programmable according to the IEC 61131-3 industrial standard for application development and supports all languages outlined therein.


  • Cyber security in accordance with ANSI ISA 62443, SL3+ 
  • High-level language programming in accordance with IEC 61131-3 including object-oriented methods
  • Compatible with the previous PCD3 I/O system


PCD3.M6893 - High Power IEC-Controller

Flyer 31-067 PCD3.M6893 - High Power IEC-Controller

Cyber secure and high-level language programming

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PCD3.M6893 - High Power IEC-Controller

Flyer 31-068 PCD3.M6893 - High Power IEC-Controller

IEC 61131-3 programmable and cyber secure

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PCD3.M6893 - High Power IEC-Controller

Datasheet 34-009 PCD3.M6893 - High Power IEC-Controller

CPU base unit for 4 plug-in I/O modules

PCD3 controller without battery with 1 GByte RAM and 4 GByte Flash for operating system and user program,
1 Socket for user data micro-SD card, max. 32 GByte,
2 Ethernet, 1 RS-485, 1 socket for PCD7.F1xxS communication modules,
1 USB Device port for programming and service, 1 USB host, 1 CAN port (20a and 20b)
2 interrupt inputs, 1 watch dog relay, extendable up to 1023 I/O.


I/O Extension for:
Slot 4 to 7  PCD3.C200,
Slot > 7     PCD3.C100, PCD3.C200 as usual


Supported PCD3 - I/O Modules:

Supported PCD3 - I/O Modules:
Starting with firmware 3.0.0: PCD3.Ax, PCD3.Ex, PCD3.W2x, PCD3.W3x, PCD3.W6x, PCD3.W745

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Manual 27-600 IO-Modules

I/O modules for the series PCD1 | PCD2 and PCD3

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Systemcable and adapter

Manual 26-792 Systemcable and adapter

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Leaflet: PCD3.Cxxx

Readme 35-011 Leaflet: PCD3.Cxxx

Saia PCD3.Cxxx extention module holder

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