For the PCD7.LRxx-P5, what are the differences between the firmwares FW 1.10.00 and FW 1.10.07?

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In August 2018:
the FW 1.10.07 was introduced into production for the PCD7.LRxx-P5

Firmware 1.10.07 (August 2018)

New features

  • Add LED output on LRL2 (flag 4040)

Main corrections

  • PCD7.LRxx-P5 configured as Modbus slave answer to all Modbus requests, indipendent if the Modbus request was for another device/UID
  • Diagnostic register for E-line S-Bus communication does not give the same values as a PCD
  • PCD7.LRxx-P5 as S-BUS master support now broadcast messages (e.g. clock)
  • E-Line S-Bus multimedia telegram error
  • JPI and JPD instructions does not work
  • Wrong Halt message on factory new devices


PCD7 / Rxx-P5

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